Alloy circular saw blades in the grinding and many other factors can not be ignored

1, the matrix deformation, inconsistent thickness, bore tolerances, there is a problem of the base congenital defects, no matter the kind of graphics device, there is grinding error. Substrate deformation p-side angle bias, matrix large hole on the path hop bias; substrate thickness is inconsistent after corner and edge front corner of bias, such as the existence of difference of the total work is too large, the blade quality and precision severely affected .
2, grinding machine grinding teeth structure on the alloy circular saw blade grinding teeth is good or bad model structure and assembling models currently on the market about two types: one is German Palmer floating type, such models adopt vertical grinding, all the advantages of hydraulic stepless movement, all of the feed system uses a V-shaped guide rail and ball screw work, grinding or arm using the jog feed, retract rewind, adjust jaw cylinder center, flexible support sheet reliable, accurate positioning dial tooth saw blade is firmly positioning center self-centering, any angle adjustment, flush reasonable cooling, man-machine interface, high precision grinding, plain grinding machine design is reasonable; second category that is now horizontal, such as Taiwan and Japan machine type, mechanical transmission gear and the presence of mechanical clearance sliding dovetail accuracy, lower jaw steady performance, with film transfer center

The whole difficulty, pulling teeth institutions or poor reliability, and left and right sides of the plane after grinding angle is not a center, resulting in large deviation angle difficult to control, mechanical wear disaster to ensure accuracy.
3, welding factor, when a solder alloy with moderate deviation, affect the precision grinding, resulting in large pressure while grinding, while pressure is small, posterior horn of the same produce the above factors, welding angle difference, inevitable human factors, all of grinding wheel, and other factors that impact can not be avoided.
4, wheel width on the quality and size, the choice of running-wheel gold sheet, note wheel size, particle size is too coarse grinding wheel produced traces of wheel size selection of fine grinding less easy to plug, easy to burn a knife. Wheel diameter and wheel width length width thickness based alloy or non-alloy and each tooth surface circumstances, not before a rear wheel angle or the angle of the same specifications can be any

Tooth grinding different meaning, there must be targeted to the choice of the appropriate size wheel.
5, grinding feed rate, alloy saw grinding entirely good or bad decisions grinding feed rate, generally alloy circular saw blade feed rate of 6 mm / sec speed is not the value that should be 20 teeth per minute , exceeding speed is too large, it will have a serious burn or knife Liu alloy wheel produces concave surface affect the accuracy of grinding teeth, 20 teeth wheel waste feed per minute.
6, grinding feed rate, the choice of wheel size on the amount of feed has a very important significance, suggested the use of general grinding wheel 180 to # 240 # 240 # to choose most, 280 #, 280 # to opt-# 320, or to adjust Feed rate.
7, Grinding centers, all the grinding blade and matrix-centric, rather than the edge of the center, flat grinding center not get out, back angle, rake angle processing center can not be a good grinding blade, grinding three processes blade center can not be ignored. Side angle grinding still careful observation alloy thickness, the thickness of the different grinding center will change, regardless of the thickness of the alloy, when the mill side

Wheel center line should be maintained with the welding position in a straight line, otherwise the impact of cutting angle difference.
8, dial gear mechanism can not be ignored, no matter how the structure and grinding, dial tooth coordinate system related to the accuracy of design quality sharpening, acupressure dial tooth tooth surface in a reasonable position at the time of transfer machine, and do not move and also key, back when the teeth, jaw set aside should be flexible and reliable.
9, clip mechanism: clip mechanism stable and reliable labor solid, quality is the main part of the Brothers, the Brothers any clip mechanism can not have the slightest loosening, no serious side grinding deviation out of control.




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