Panel Saw alloy saw blade wear and use

1, resin bonded diamond grinding wheel bond strength is weak, and therefore self-sharpening grinding can be good, easy to plug, high grinding efficiency, low grinding force, grinding temperature is low, the disadvantage is the poor wear resistance, abrasive wear and tear , it is not suitable for heavy-duty grinding.
Ceramic bond diamond wheel wear resistance and superior binding capacity of the resin binder, cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency, easy to heat and clogging of thermal expansion is less easily controlled precision surface grinding coarse shortcomings of higher cost.
Metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels combine high strength, wear resistance, low wear, long life, low cost of grinding, can withstand a greater load, but poor sharp, easy to plug.
2, have to grit size and cutting wheel clogged certain amount of influence, compared with coarse sand fine sand, plunging depth large abrasive wear increases cutting edge, easy to plug the wheel and vice versa.
3, wheel hardness greater impact on the clogging, high hardness, high thermal conductivity of the wheel, the surface is not conducive to heat, but is conducive to improve the precision and durability.
4, the wheel selection is an important characteristic of the concentration, the processing cost and its grinding efficiency has a great influence, affect the efficiency of the concentration is too low, whereas abrasive easily fall off, but the best combination of optimal concentration range.
5, wheel speed impact is more complicated, because the abrasive wheel speed increases so that the maximum depth of cut to reduce, the number of simultaneously cutting and grinding heat increased, but the higher the speed of the grinding finish line more smooth, generally circular saw blade alloy wheel speed in the 28m / s for the best grinding results.
6, the greater the amount of wheel radial cut surface quality and precision are affected, prone to arc and uneven wheel, the tool can not grind with a blade and a good angle.
7, wheel feed speed, want to get a good grinding effect, the general grinding speed control per second in 0.5 --- 6mm, implementation will cause clogging of the wheel when the wheel feed rate greater than 6mm stroke per second, and the wheel in motion sand scraped alloy seriously affect the quality tools, grinding wheels serious waste.
8, the thickness of the width of the grinding wheel sharpening effects generally unsuitable for high hardness alloy wheel is too thick, thick broad principles of control within 5mm, front wheel angle, as the Confidential Memorandum tooth thickness 1.5mm to 2.5mm, the width of 2.5mm to 4mm, otherwise the impact of retracting the formation of two flank. Rear wheel angle depending on the tooth density, thickness 5mm, width 3mm and 5mm.
9, wheel diameter, flat wheel depending on the thickness of the alloy, 2mm or less in diameter alloy wheel generally ∮80mm, 2.5mm-3.5mm thick alloy wheel diameter in ∮100mm, 3.5mm thickness of the above alloy suitable diameter ∮125mm wheel, front wheel angle generally used in diameter ∮125mm.
10, Dresser, and only when the diamond grinding wheel balancing without making factory ships, rarely trimmed. Anterior horn and posterior horn of the wheel before use, with a flat silicon carbide grinding wheels, diamond grinding wheel grasping at steady state of the grinding surface, gently take the figure eight to Shuhei, so you get better grinding effect.




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