Automatic panel sizing saw

  • HP280 Automatic panel sizing saw
HP280 Automatic panel sizing saw

HP280 Automatic panel sizing saw

Max.Cutting length 2680mm
Mechanical arm's running distance 2750mm
Max.height of blade 105mm intelligent control
Main saw blade 400×4.4×75×72T(450×4.4×75×72T)
scoring saw blade 160×4.4/5.4×45×24T
Saw socket forward speed 5-80m/min
Saw socket backward speed 80m/min
Mechanical arm's forward speed 0-80m/min
Motor power of main saw shaft 15kw
Motor power of scoring saw shaft 2.2kw
Votage 380v/50hz
Working table's height 920mm
Number of mechanical arm 7pcs
Air floating table 3pcs
High pressure blower of air flating table 1pcs
Air compression 6bar
Air compression 150L/min
Min. speed of dust collection 26m/sec
Negative pressure(at least) 1200pa
Input air capacity for dust collection 4400m³/h
Diameter of dust collection holes 125×1pcs/100×1pcs

1.Chrome plate surface,avoiding board scratching.
2.side aligner system
3.pneumatic blade quick adjustment system.
4.main saws and beam's height can be adjusted automatically according to the panel thickness in order achieve the best cutting quality.
5.high-strength aluminum saw alloy saw carrier, saw carrier is controlled by servo motor and it's drive by rack& adjusts the sawing distance according to different cutting length.It reduces the unused moving time and greatly improves efficiency.




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